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On Site, On-Line, or On Going, We have a solution to meet your needs.

As a trusted advisor in the Service Management industry we understand that no solution should go unchecked. Because of this, we want your adopted solutions to succeed and grow with the changes of your business. As a result, we have developed sustainable support solutions that will assist you in continually monitoring the health of your tools and processes.

The following are solutions that we offer:

Go—Live Support

Need additional assistance with your rollout? Benefit from On Site support as you transition your solution into production.

This Consulting service is a predetermined block of hours that will provide a Cherwell or EasyVista consultant on site during the time when a customer will be rolling out their ITSM solution into production.

This service is intended to provide the mentoring support necessary to assist with the resolution of any technical issues that may arise during the roll-out as well as monitor performance and fine-tune the components of your technological and service management solution.


The specific deliverables of this service are defined jointly on a case-by-case basis. However, all engagements will include:

  • Activity Log: summarizing contacts, topics of discussion and outcomes.
Remote Administration

Need to do more for less? An administrative solution that provides the same value that is budget friendly.

Pinnacle’s remote administration program is a subscription service that optimizes an organization’s use of Cherwell Service Management or EasyVista. As an experienced solution provider, Pinnacle has the expertise to review and recommend changes, while assisting with upgrades and customizations to ensure your Service Desk and related process solutions are operating at maximum effectiveness.

Subscribers to the Remote Administration program receive the benefit of a senior systems consultant, providing oversight at all levels of the IT department. Administrator and analysts will enhance their knowledge of their solution while management will be able to implement best practices, improve the return on investment, and increase end-user satisfaction.

Success Criteria: We recommend that any changes to the live environment follow a Change Management process model in which specific changes are reviewed in Development before being integrated into production.

Peak Performance Plan

Sustain the effectiveness of your solution through continual review and adjustment that adapts to your changing business needs.

Service solutions are a combination of efficient, effective and balanced use of People, Process, Tools and Adoption by the Business. However, no solution should go unchecked. As part of a Continual Service Improvement practice, having a plan in place to continually monitor these elements is essential for continued value over time.

Pinnacle’s peak performance plan is an annual subscription that provides you with 4 weeks of on-site consulting of one week per quarter. You may also group the weeks together for a specific project. Whichever path you take, this solution is customizable and can include a combination of the following elements:

  • Service Desk Health Checks
  • IT Service Management Maturity Planning
  • Solution Tuning
  • New Solution Development
  • Guidance and Coaching

Metrics Review & Report Development

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