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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a thousand words paint a better picture.

To define a picture of where your business is currently in its process and product maturity, as well as to identify gaps and areas of improvement, then it needs to be documented. Consider the assessment as the starting point or foundation needed to make effective business decisions when considering process development, modifications or process adoption. Would you build a house on a foundation that isn’t solid? Of course not! Then why would you adopt or improve processes that depend on elements that may be ineffective or inefficient?

To help you develop that picture we offer the following assessment options:

Process Maturity / Gap Analysis

You can’t improve what you don’t know. Identify the gaps in your processes and the strategy to get to the next level.

Our assessments are based on ITIL® principles and focus on the following four core areas of People, Process, Tools and Environment. We can cover either your entire IT infrastructure or just focus on your Service Desk. Whichever option you choose, the end result will provide you with opportunities and recommendations to measurably improve the quality and efficiency of your support organization. The deliverable for this service provides:

  • Quick wins
  • Roadmap to Improvement
  • Adjustments and/or recommendations for ITIL processes
  • Tuning recommendations for your Service Desk Software
  • Resource adjustments and/or training recommendations
  • Continual Improvement strategy
Service Desk Health Check

Optimized tools provide greater efficiency while delivering visible results.

Our Service Desk Express Health Check is a focused approach on the effectiveness of your service desk tools in supporting your services and related processes.

IT Business Process: A review of your IT Operations with specific attention to your service desk. Additionally we review any service desk processes and procedures, reporting, current mission, goals & future endeavors. This information is then used as part of the baseline while reviewing your BMC Service Desk Express product configuration.

BMC Service Desk Express product review: With an understanding of your business objectives we then review your Service Desk Express configuration in order to determine the effectiveness of the tools being used to support your current initiatives. Some of the areas that we focus on are: data collection, form design, permissions, work flow processing, notifications and reporting.

The end results are then compiled to identify immediate areas for improvement and a strategy to get you the rest of the way.

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