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EasyVista designs and develops industry leading service management solutions that encompass the full breadth of IT Service Management, while also going beyond to deliver a wide range of non-IT services to employees, suppliers or customers. And we do it without code, leaving the end-user with a rich user interface and simplified ’App Store’ experience. These enterprise services are then accessible from any device and integrated with company policies such as security, privacy, compliance, etc.

  • Become the “Chief Service Provider” that modern organizations require.
  • General custom service applications without any coding.
  • Maintain the necessary controls while your end-users feel are empowered.
  • Ensure that availability, security, interoperability, and compliance requirements are enforced and maintained.
EasyVista IT Service Manager
  • The best user experience and the highest ROI on the market.
  • A solution for the ‘BYOD/BYOA’ world: quick to deploy, easily adapted, and cost effective.
  • Available both as SaaS and On Premise. Meets the needs of ITIL, COBIT, DevOPS, or Agile.
  • Verified by Pink Elephant, fully certified in all ITIL processes.
  • EasyVista ITAM: Provides complete control of your assets with discovery, inventory, capacity, availability, software license management, and configuration management (CMDB).
EasyVista IT Service and Asset Management
  • Keep track of workstations, services, and laptops as well as mobile devices, BYOB policies, cloud, remote workers, and multifaceted business systems with ease.
Easy Vista Discovery Management
  • Consistent and automatic equipment and software discovery without manual input.
  • Automated centralization of results on single server using secure and standard protocols FTP, SFTP, and SMTP.
  • Compression and encryption of data.
  • Minimized network load.
  • Automated logging of changes between inventories.
  • Recommended by the Business Software Association for license management.
  • Almost limitless software programs recognized, with the option to add proprietary programs.
  • Turnkey dashboard allows you to identify insufficient antivirus software, unauthorized software, under-performing workstations, and more.
  • Automated population of the CMDB.
EasyVista Inventory Management
  • Know what assets are deployed, their interdependencies, usage and financial assessments.
  • Plan for renewals, upgrades, and compliance audits.
EasyVista Software License Management
  • Support aimed at standardizing active assets for Software management policies.
  • Compare licenses purchased and software installed with discrepancy identification.
  • Analyze discrepancies between license versions installed and those purchased for managing upgrade and downgrade rights.
  • Several software tracking levels: installed, authorized, used, minimal versions.
  • Preparation and tracking of software migrations.
  • Flexible, comprehensive, advanced software detection rules that can be adapted to license agreement rules.
EasyVista Configuration Management
  • Graphical visualization technology provides a centralized and comprehensive picture of the IT infrastructure.
  • Control availability in real-time.
  • Simplify incident and problem resolution.
  • Plan change requests.
  • Simulate impact of unavailability on service commitments.
EasyVista Capacity Management
  • Identify resources that will be affected by a chance, and the simulation tools that will gauge the impact on capacity.
EasyVista Availability Management
  • Get complete control over availability.
  • Define a target availability rate and compare it instantly with actual rates to identify discrepancies.
  • High-performing, complex availability indicators (MTBF, MTTR, MTBSI, MTRS).
  • Measure the impact of downtime on service level commitments using simulation.
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